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SYSTEMK4: The Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning System

For eco friendly dry cleaning in Peterborough, come to Grainger’s Cleaners. Aside from benefiting the earth, the new SYSTEMK4 cleaning system also boasts:

  • Brighter whites & colours
  • Softer, more supple clothes
  • Clean, neutral smelling garments
  • No chemical odours
  • No health concerns

One Source for Everything

In dry cleaning it is important that solvents, products, machines and processes are all compatible. SYSTEMK4 takes this into account.

SYSTEMK4’s secret for success is actually quite simple:

1 System – 4 components of success.

  • SOLVONK4 – The halogen-free solvent.
  • PRENETTK4 – The brushing agent.
  • CLIPK4 – The detergent concentrate.
  • VINOYK4 – The water and stain repellant agent.

This successful quartet is perfectly complemented by cleaning machines from the Kreussler partners FMB (UNION, FIRBIMATIC, REALSTAR among others) that are adjusted for SOLVONK4.

Machine requirements:

As a pre-condition for the machines, SYSTEMK4 requires a technology similar to the proven technology used by HCS - and Cyclosiloxane machines. However, distillation conditions, drying process of textiles and some other machine parameters have to be adapted to the specific application conditions of SOLVONK4. As a rule SYSTEMK4 can be used in cleaning machines that are suitable for use with hydrocarbon solvents and cyclosiloxane D5. Kreussler did not leave it at that though and, together with FMB the competent and innovative machine manufacturer from Bologna/ Italy, developed a new generation of machines and cleaning procedures adapted to SYSTEMK4.

Kreussler will not leave you to yourself!

You may be wondering how do I convert to SYSTEMK4? Contact us and our specially trained sales representatives will assist you, step-by-step, in converting to SYSTEMK4. If necessary we will help you make contact with the machine manufacturer. A training session on working with SYSTEMK4 products gives you the chance, without any problems or risks, to convert your business to the new solvent and be ready for the future, meeting EPA guidelines and moving towards sustainable practices.

Want more information? Give us a call!

SYSTEMK4 cleaning system
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