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Grainger’s Cleaners - Over 1/2 Century of Quality Service

Grainger's Cleaners Opened in 1958 in the same location in Peterborough we are in today. We are well established in the community – and multiple generations of family customers remain loyal to us.

Landscapes May Change, But Not Our Commitment to You

We used to be located in what was considered outside the city limits, but the city built up around us, and we gained a wider customer base by providing consistently exceptional solvent / dry cleaning services at fair prices no matter how large the neighbourhood became.

3rd Generation Owner / Operators

Brother and sister Rick and Karen are our current Owner / Operators, and their father started our company. Not only did his commitment to his customers set a high standard for future managers and his competition to emulate, he was the first businessman to have women drive his delivery and pick up vehicles, which was very progressive thinking for the 1960's.

It Hasn’t Always Been Easy

As Business owners and operators, we’ve seen our share of hard times. For example, in the 1970's the introduction of polyester changed the drycleaning business - this industry lost 60% of their business between 1971- 1973.

However, our ability to adapt and persevere through economic and societal changes allowed us to stay open and come out of difficult times on top.

By making use of our services and facility, you will save time and money! Come in and see us today!

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